Texas Car Accident Statistics

Texas has one of the highest number of vehicle registrations in the country. Millions of cars are on the roads every day with the total vehicle miles traveled reaching 274 billion in 2017. This is a slight increase from the figures from 2016. Drivers should be careful so that they do not end up colliding with other vehicles while they are out. Many have already died or have sustained serious injuries from crashes.

According to the 2017 report,more than 14,000 crashes were recorded in the state with at least 17,546 sustaining severe injuries. The death toll reached 3,721 which is a shade lower than the previous year’s figures. Although the reduction is welcome,it is still clear how dangerous it can be to get involved in a collision. Even the survivors have a hard time going back to their regular life. Prevention is definitely better than cure.

A slim majority of the deadly crashes occurred in rural areas with 52.4%. This translates to 1,950 fatalities. This may be due to the low volume of vehicles on the roads,higher vehicle speeds,and fewer lighting facilities. About a third of the crashes were not collisions with other vehicles but single car run-offs. Perhaps the drivers lost control due to bad roads,attempts to avoid objects,component failure,intoxication,distraction,bad weather,and so on.

About a fifth of fatalities can be traced to crashes that happened at intersections. This usually occurs when drivers are going too fast or are attempting to beat the red light. They fail to see the incoming vehicle from their left and right sides. Others do not yield when they should. Only 552 fatalities were related to head-on collisions which is about 1 in 7 cases. These Texas car accident statistics can provide valuable insight for drivers,the police,injury lawyer,and the government officials.

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