OffShore Oil Rig Injuries: A Major Issue

There are a lot of risks working in the oil rig industry,according to Jones Act attorney . A lot of that risk comes offshore. While many people just look at this as something that comes with the territory,companies are doing their best to try to solve all the issues.

Transportation Injuries

Believe it or not,one of the most common injuries on oil rigs happen to be going to and from a site. That is because in order to get to offshore locations,helicopters or water vehicles are often used. Specifically in the Gulf of Mexico,there are a lot of helicopter accidents due to the ever changing weather.


There is a risk of fire and/or an explosion on nearly any oil rig site. While there are all sorts of precautions taken to avoid exposure to something like this,more often than not workers can’t escape an accident.

Burns can occur work on an oil rig from fire,or from chemical exposure. There is always that risk that something bad could occur without even really thinking that anything bad is possible at the time.

Falls and Slips

These injuries might not seem like that big of a deal,but they can lead to broken bones,head injuries and more. Falls and slips should not be taken lightly by any means. Not only does it lead to a lot of different injuries,but they are very common.
Every single step working on an oil rig can be potentially dangerous. It is constantly listed as one of the most challenging jobs out there,which is why the pay is solid.Recovering that pay when injured often means working with a harbor workers comp .

When walking around a work area,workers are encouraged to use all the precautions made available to them. That means relying on handrails,guardrails,walkways and more. Failure to do so just increases the risk of injury.

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